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What is GxP?

GxP are "Good Practices." Originally developed in the life sciences industry, the core tenets of good practices are a proven effective management framework for businesses of any industry. Whether for laboratories (GLP), manufacturing (GMP), or in a clinical setting (GCP), all good practices were established in an effort to create a framework for continual process improvement, accountability, and data integrity.

At GxP Solutions we want your business to achieve scalable growth by helping you to define your business' standard practices, document and communicate these practices for your employees, and frequently review your practices in order keep them up-to-date with your evolving business.

Quality business practice: it's a science.

We help to coach business owners, managers, and team leaders build standard, efficient business practices through the use of GxP principles and custom software development to create scalable infrastructure for growing businesses.

The GxP Mindset
A Focus on Quality


Process Evaluation

We first establish a baseline of your current processes, focusing on pain and choke points. We use root cause analysis to dig deeper than the surface level: we want to ensure we understand the mechanism of your pain points, not just the end result.



Next, we take what we've learned from analyzing your processes and document your standard operating procedures. We want to give employees an understanding not only of processes to follow, but expectations for data input and output. We want to establish better accountability through understanding of documented processes.


Employee Training

Throwing a process document at employees and expecting them to truly understand expectations is a waste of time. Once processes are documented we create standardized training programs so that all staff are getting the same instructions and that everyone has the same expectations.


Quality Reviews

Your employees are trained, so you're done, right? Wrong! Continual process improvement means evaluating how your procedures are being followed and if errors are occurring. Most likely, they will be, and that's OK. We help to establish continuous quality reviews to ensure you're always on top of what is working and what needs improvement.


Data-Based Adjustments

Quality reviews not only expose errors but they ensure your data has more consistency and accuracy. We'll determine where you're experiencing pain points in your processes using real data, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Enhance your business strategies with better, data-based decision making.

Technology that Supports Your Business

Let us help you build the software tools to support your new business practices. 

Writing on yellow post-it notes

Quality Management

  • SOPs, Forms, and Controlled Documents

  • Facility and equipment maintenance

  • Employee training files

  • Regulatory and client audit tracking

  • Deviation reporting

Business Meeting at Small Table


  • Labor scheduling

  • Material ordering and allocation

  • Internal communications

  • Customer follow up communications

  • Estimate and invoice tracking

Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen

Web and AI Integrations

  • Data visualizations

  • External SMS communications

  • Machine learning

  • Process automation

  • Image and text detection

Want to know about GxP practices and how they can benefit your business?

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

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